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Aquaculture Studies 2016, Vol 16, Num, 1     (Pages: 003-018)

Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Operators Who Farming Rainbow Trout in Elazıg Province

Nevim BİRİCİ 1 ,Tunay SEKER 1 ,Mustafa BALCI 1 ,Burcu ÇELİK 1 ,Gökhan KARAKAYA 1

1 Elazıg Su Ürünleri Arastırma İstasyonu Müdürlügü, Elazıg DOI : 10.17693/yunus.18173 Viewed : 2499 - Downloaded : 1839 This research was conducted to determine the socio-demographic characterics of operators who engaged in aquaculture in Elazıg. For suppling data, survey questions was applied to the 111operators face to face. According to the findings, age distribution of the operators, ranged from 18 to 65. With % 37,8 ratio, 26-35 age range and again % 37,8 ratio 36-45 age range constitute the largest group. % 95,5 of operators who engaged in aquaculture are male and %89,2 of them were married. Regarding the educational status, with % 36 highest rate, university/college graduates were composed. %55 of operators stay at their own home and %98,2 of them have social security. % 87,4 of operators are members of cooperatives or associations has been identified. % 42,3 of operators read the book for improve own information about farming and personal claims of employees is reliability was found with % 53,2 rate. Keywords : Elazig, rainbow trout, operators, socio-demographic features