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Aquaculture Studies 2016, Vol 16, Num, 2     (Pages: 137-149)

Distribution and Abundance of Jellyfishes in the South Eastern Black Sea

Rahşan Evren MAZLUM 1

DOI : 10.17693/yunusae.v16i21960.368771 Viewed : 2263 - Downloaded : 1487 In this study, two ctenophores (Pleurobrachia pileus, Beroe ovata) and one scyphozoa (Aurelia aurita) were collected vertically and horizontally by using plankton net from five stations (Fındıklı, Pazar, Çayeli, Rize, İyidere) between 2014 spring and 2015 winter in the South Eastern Black Sea. Length- weight relationships of P. pileus and A. aurita W=0.46*L1.27 (R2=0.98, n=193), W=0.063*L2.23 (R2=0.90, n=94) respectively. P. pileus (Max: Rize station, spring 184.41 ind/m2) and A. aurita (Max: İyidere station, spring 184.41 ind/m2) were abundant in the water column. Beroe ovata was only found in winter (8.38-16.76 ind/m2). Jellyfishes were less abundant compared to verticals distribution. A. aurita was the most abundant species in terms of horizontal distribution. Keywords : SouthEastern Black Sea,Jellyfish,abundance –distribution