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Aquaculture Studies 2015, Vol 15, Num, 3     (Pages: 053-064)

Bioindicators and Biomarkers in Aquatic Environments

A. Erdem DÖNMEZ 1 ,Doruk YILMAZ 2

Viewed : 1885 - Downloaded : 1085 Increased human activity may cause alterations in water resources by effecting its physico-chemical and biological fate. These possible changes impact biota living in this environment. Results from the field and laboratory studies suggest that chemical analysis used to determine the level of the impact should be supported by the biological parameters. These parameters have advantages since they can be used to obtain data which can not be detected by the chemical methods. The notions `bioindicator` and `biomarker` are the base of these biological observations. Bioindicators can compose of spesific species or groups of species, however, biomarkers can contain biological, physiological and histological parameters. Bioindicator organisms and their biomarkers should be involved together in biomonitoring programmes which observe the changes in aquatic ecosystem. These concepts and their usefulness were discussed in this review. Keywords : Bioindicator,biomarker,aquatic environment,pollution