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Aquaculture Studies 2012, Vol 12, Num, 3     (Pages: 018-023)

Consumer Behaviours for Seafood in Ordu Province


1 Ordu University, Faculty of Marine Sciences, 52400, Fatsa, Ordu, TURKEY DOI : 10.17693/yunusae.v2012i21908.235434 Viewed : 3282 - Downloaded : 2172 In this study, it was aimed to put forward seafood consumption behaviors and socioeconomics of local people in Ordu Province which is located on the coast of Black Sea in 2012. Within this scope, face to face interviews were conducted with the randomly selected individuals. 72.4 % of the respondents were male whereas, 26.6% of the respondents were female. Ages of respondents were varied between 17 and 63. 55.2% of the respondents had university degree and 21.8% of the respondents had high school degree. According to the results regarding occupation of the respondents, government officials constitute the majority with a share of 26.4%. It was determined that 8% of the respondents do not consume seafood while 92% of the respondents indicated that they consume. It was also determined that yearly individual seafood consumption was 26.3 kg. Fish species was determined as top consumed seafood. It was also found that 73.2% of the respondents consume daily fresh seafood. 79% of the respondents also prefer seafood selling points. The most consumed fish species were anchovy which was generally preferred as fried by 53.6% of the respondents. Keywords : Seafood, consumer behavior, face to face interview, Ordu, Black Sea