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Aquaculture Studies 2017, Vol 17, Num, 1     (Pages: 071-081)

Investigation of Quality Change of Zander (Sander lucioperca Linnaeus, 1758) Stored at +2±1 ºC Applying Sous-Vide Technique in Different Temperature Combinations


DOI : 10.17693/yunusae.v17i26557.274312 Viewed : 2213 - Downloaded : 1554 In this study, quality changes and shelf life of zander fillet stored at +2±1 °C applying sous-vide technology in 3 different temperatures (60 °C, 70 °C and 80 °C ) was investigated. No important changes in biochemical composition except for protein of all groups during the storage were found (p>0.05). The microbial load was detected in fresh samples decreased by sous-vide process, and regularly increased in all groups depending on the storage time. Total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) values exceed the limit value for 60 °C group at 35th day (36.42 mg/100g) and 70 °C group at 49th day (33.62 mg/100g), whereas 80 °C group was found in the limit value during the storage. TBA values of all groups were found in quality limit values during the storage. Sous-vide process was not a significant effect on pH. Average sensory scores of sous-vide groups at 60 °C, 70 °C and 80 °C were found below the limit value at 35th day, 49th day and 63th, respectively. According to the result of chemical, microbiological and sensory analyzes, shelf life of zander fish stored at +2±1 °C by applying the sous-vide process was determined as 28 days for 60 °C group, 35 days for 70 °C group and 56 days for 80 °C group. Keywords : Sous-vide,Zander,Vacuum Package,Shelf Life