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Aquaculture Studies 2017, Vol 17, Num, 1     (Pages: 093-101)

Cytotoxic and Cytogenetic Effects of Bisphenol-A in Mytilus Galloprovincialis (Lamarck 1819)

Özlem ÇAKAL ARSLAN 1 ,Hatice PARLAK 2 ,Muhammet Ali KARAASLAN 3 , Meltem BOYACIOĞLU 4

DOI : 10.17693/yunusae.v17i26557.282169 Viewed : 2880 - Downloaded : 1783 Bisphenol-A (BPA), is one of the most important industrial chemicals synthesized for diverse applications. The environmental concentrations of BPA are at high risk level due to use widely in many fields of industry according to the latest studies. However, less knowledge has been founded to the toxicity of BPA. No studies have been founded genotoxicity of BPA to the Mytilus galloprovincialis (Lamarck 1819). The Micronucleus test is a biomarker of mutagenicity/genotoxicty used for determining changes in DNA fragments exposure to pollution and chemicals. For this purpose, frequency of MN and other nuclear abnormalities (binucleated, nuclear buds, fragmented/apoptotic cells) was analyzed. Increasing concentrations of BPA (12.5-100 µg-BPA/L) were tested for determination of MN under semi-static conditions in the laboratory. According to the results of the study, it is revealed that all concentration of BPA increases the genotoxic damage, and elevates the micronucleus frequency from ‰ 11, 33 to ‰ 37, 35 Thus, it was tried to determine whether BPA affected the cells of M. galloprovincialis (Lamarck 1819) at the level of DNA through to the MN assay. Keywords : Micronucleus Assay,Bisphenol-a,Mytilus galloprovincialis,Genotoxicity