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Aquaculture Studies 2013, Vol 13, Num, 2     (Pages: 051-065)

An Overview of the Status of Recreational Fisheries in Turkey: Samples of Galata Bridge, the Dardanelles, and Lake Abant

Mustafa ZENGİN 1

1 Central Fisheries Research Institute Vali Adil Yazar Cad. No:14 Kaþüstü Beldesi Yomra/Trabzon/Turkey DOI : 10.17693/yunusae.v2013i21905.235423 Viewed : 2825 - Downloaded : 2702 In this study, general level of amateur or sports fishing and its structural status and legal and technical properties were defined by examining the recreational fishing activities (with purposes of tourism or sporting) in Turkey's three separate aquatic environments. It was realized that central and local authority governing the natural resource was unsatisfactory and such primary issues as amateur fishing / organization, protection of the source, and an awareness to create a community have not been recognized yet by the fishermen using the natural source. Despite their similar legal status, amateur fishing practices in the seas (coast/bay, strait, estuary, quay, jetty/spur) and internal waters (rivers, lakes/ponds) of our country are quite different. This difference varies depending on target fish species as well as local/regional changes, which causes a major confusion in the sector. Recreational fishing management strategy needs to be addressed comprehensively and its administrative and legal infrastructure must be rebuilt in the near future both for the continuity of the aquatic living resources and for amateur fishing practice to have institutional/sectoral structure. Keywords : Angling, Galata Bridge, the Dardanelles, Lake Abant, Fisheries Community, the Rules of Amateur Fishing