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Aquaculture Studies 2019, Vol 19, Num, 1     (Pages: 57-67)

Market Linkages and Distribution Channels of Cultured, Captured and Imported Fish in Kenya

Fonda Jane Awuor 1 ,Kevin Obiero 1 ,Jonathan Munguti 1 ,John Ouko Oginga 2 ,Domitila Kyule 1 ,Mary A. Opiyo 1 ,Peter Oduor-Odote 3 ,Ernest Yongo 2 ,Horace Owiti 2 ,Jacob Ochiewo 3

1 Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute, National Aquaculture Research Development & Training Center, P.O. Box 451-10230, Sagana, Kenya
2 Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute, Kisumu Centre, P.O. Box1881-40100, Kenya
3 Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute, Mombasa Centre, P.O. Box 81651-80100, Mombasa, Kenya
DOI : 10.4194/2618-6381-v19_1_06 Viewed : 4170 - Downloaded : 5011 This study examined the market linkages and distribution channels of cultured, captured and imported fish in Kenya. A total of 113 fish traders` questionnaires and 10 key informant interviews were administered. Secondary data from published and unpublished records were used to complement primary data. Fish traders were literate enough to express themselves and were well equipped to assess market trends and channel. Fish trade was predominantly in the hands of women (66%). Consumers and middlemen (agents) were able to buy fish directly from producers. There was no significant association (p>0.05) between age, gender and the level of education with regards to the main business. There was correlation between gender and the main business function (χ2=3.921; df=2; p=0.141); the level of education and main business function (χ2=12.842; df=10; p=0.233) and the age distribution against the main business function (χ2=11.044; df=10; p=0.354). Recommendations include improvement of transport networks, promoting a political free environment for trade, regulating trade of imported Chinese fish, promoting a comprehensive fish marketing system including fish auction through strengthening linkages along the market value chain and traders should form strong cooperative societies to ease on the challenge of credit issuance from finance institutions. Keywords : Price, Aquaculture Fish, market