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Aquaculture Studies 2016, Vol 16, Num, 2     (Pages: 071-079)

Effects of Different Processes Fatty Acid Composition of on Rainbow Trout (Oncorhyncus mykiss)

Nihayet YALÇIN , Suzan YALÇIN 2

DOI : 10.17693/yunusae.v16i21960.235781 Viewed : 2576 - Downloaded : 1681 In this study, the effects of different storage and cooking processes on the fatty acid profile of rainbow trouts (Oncorhyncus mykiss) obtained from the fish culture manufacturing plant in Şanlıurfa were investigated. 27 rainbow trouts were divided into 3 groups. The first group as control group was processed on 0th day. Other two groups have been stored at-18°C for 15 and 30 days. Fish samples were cooked in the oven at180°C for 25 minutes. Muscle tissue specimens with and without skin have been taken for the analysis of dry matter, total fat and fatty acid profile in the raw and cooked trouts. The total fat of the raw rainbow trout was found to be 4.33%, but after cooking in the oven increased to 6.54%. There are no statistically differences in total fat content among fish samples with and without skin. Oven cooking didn`t affect the levels of ΣSFA, ΣUFA, ΣMUFA, ΣPUFA, Σw-3 fatty acids and Σw-6 fatty acids. The levels of ΣSFA were reduced after the storage at-18°C for 30 days. As a result, total fat content increased after oven cooking fish samples with and without skin under frozen storage but the levels of PUFA which is important for human health and especially for protective effect on cardiovascular diseases were not affected. Keywords : oven cooking,raw fish,skin,storage