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Aquaculture Studies 2019, Vol 19, Num, 2     (Pages: 103-111)

Impact of Kinalax 25 EC on Vital Organ Histomorphology, Blood Cell Structure and Brain Acetylcholinesterase Activity in Silver Barb (Barbonymus gonionotus)

Rabeya Akter 1 ,Arzu Parvin 1 ,Halima Jahan 1 ,Zakir Hossain 1

1 Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics, Faculty of Fisheries, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh 2202, Bangladesh DOI : 10.4194/2618-6381-v19_2_03 Viewed : 6326 - Downloaded : 4992 The objective of this research was to evaluate the effects of Kinalax 25 EC, an organophosphate pesticide on silver barb (Barbonymus gonionotus). Histological bioassay of gill, liver and kidney of B. gonionotus, RBC count and acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity were performed to evaluate the effects of the Kinalax 25 EC at cellular and enzymatic levels. The LC50 value of Kinalax 25 EC was estimated as 0.071 ppm for B. gonionotus. The remarkable changes included missing of gill lamellae, gill clubbing, hyperplasia, nuclear hypertrophy, vacuolation, glomerular expansion, increasing the diameter of renal tubules, hemorrhage, necrosis and pyknosis. Several changes in peripheral nuclear erythrocyte included large lymphocyte, dead cell, fusion of cell, binucleated cell, tear-shaped cell, ghost cell, senile cell and abnormal shape of cell were found. The RBC count was significantly higher (P>0.01) in lower doses compared to higher doses of pesticide in B. gonionotus. The level of AChE activities in B. gonionotus brain significantly decreased (P>0.01) in pesticides treated fish compared to control. The result of this study reveals that the synthetic organophosphorus pesticide adversely affects the organ-specific histology, haematology and brain acetylcholinesterase activities of B. gonionotus. Keywords : Kinalax 25 EC, Silver barb, Histo-morphology, Haematology, Acetylcholineestarase