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Aquaculture Studies 2016, Vol 16, Num, 2     (Pages: 115-128)

A Study on the Sea Food Consumption and Consumer Preferences in Manisa Province

Hakkı DERELİ 1 ,Remzi ÇELİK 2 ,Hülya SAYGI 3 ,Ahmet TEKİNAY 4

DOI : 10.17693/yunusae.v16i21960.235788 Viewed : 2024 - Downloaded : 1125 This research was conducted to determine seafood consumption preferences and factors affecting these preferences in Manisa Province. The questionnaire survey included 29 questions and was evaluated by basic random sampling method. Questionnaire survey was conducted in 384 households from June to August in 2014. Socio-demographic dimensions and seafood consumption preferences of the respondents were collected. The results of the survey showed that the participants consume chicken meat (54%) as a first preference, their second choice is beef meat (24%), third choice is lamb meat (12%) and they prefer seafood (7%) as the last meat alternative, respectively. Regarding the seafood consumption, per capital consumption was calculated as 7.7 kg/year. 8% of participants do not consume sea food because of their habits. It was determined that people who consume seafood due to healthy diet. Anchovy is the most consumed sea food with 44% consumption, whilst trout is the most consumed freshwater food with 48 % consumption. It has been determined that 82% of the participants consume fish as fresh and prefer fried (47%), grill (22%), oven (21%) or steamed (10%) as form of consumption, respectively. Seafood was mostly preferred to in winter season (63%) and 80 % of participants consumed seafood at home. The monthly seafood consumption amount is 1-2 kg (33%). There was a positive relationship between the monthly seafood consumption and ``age`. Similarly, there was a positive relationship between the monthly seafood consumption and ``monthly income`. Keywords : sea food,questionnaire,consumption preferences,Manisa