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Aquaculture Studies 2016, Vol 16, Num, 3

The physicochemical Property of The Extruded Trout Feeds of The Leading Domestic Manufacturer in Turkey

İlhan YANDI 1 ,İlker Zeki KURTOĞLU 2

DOI : 10.17693/yunus.64536 Viewed : 3187 - Downloaded : 1873 Physical properties (pellet dimension, sinking velocity, hardness, durability, friability, and water absorption) and proximate composition of two major domestic producer`s trout feeds, the trademarks are BioAqua (Çamlı Feed by Pınar Campany) and Blueaq (Abalıoğlu), in Turkey were evaluated. The amount of uneaten feed is closely related to physical characteristics such as sinking velocity and durability of the pellet. In offshore cage culture, uneaten feed and nutrient losses resulting from poor pellet quality are the main problems for production cost and environment. This paper is the first attempt to evaluate the physical characteristics of the extruded trout feeds widely used in fresh water and sea cages. However, there are no definite values of physical properties for fish pellets in literature.There was a contrasting relationship between size and hardness of the pellets and as pellet size increased, pellet durability raised, too. The settling velocity of the pellets showed significant variations for same kind of feed between companies (P<0.05). Water absorption rates increased with temperature and immersion duration but decreased with salinity. Proximate composition of the feeds was almost close to the values declared by the manufacturers. Keywords : fish feed, settling velocity, hardness, absorption, friability