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Aquaculture Studies 2015, Vol 15, Num, 3     (Pages: 031-044)

Present Status and Occupational Organization Structures of Freshwater Fisheries Cooperatives Operated in the Marmara Region

Kadir DOĞAN 1

DOI : 10.17693/yunusae.v15i21957.235773 Viewed : 2995 - Downloaded : 1671 In the fisheries sector, fisheries cooperatives have an effective role and contribution in each stage of fisheries production obtained by capture. Cooperatives are generally established by the economically poorer people for being successful against bigger economical power elites and making an economical contribution to the national economy. In this study, structures, point of views to the fisheries, production operations, problems and organizations of the fisheries cooperatives established for the aim of inland capture fisheries in the Marmara Region (provinces of Balıkesir, Bilecik, Bursa, Çanakkale, Edirne, Istanbul, Kırklareli, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Tekirdağ and Yalova) were investigated. Basic data used in this study were obtained from the related provincial directorates of the Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Marmara Region takes the first place with a total of 163 cooperatives and a 29% share among the regional distribution of all fisheries cooperatives operated in Turkey. Survey forms prepared in the direction of the goal of the study were filled in by making phone calls with the cooperative directors or sent via mail to their addresses and hence raw data were collected. According to the results of this study, it was determined that there is a total of 36 inland capture fisheries cooperatives that were established and still operates in the provinces of the Marmara Region and 2177 fisherman are actively members of these cooperatives. In the provincial distribution of the cooperatives, Edirne takes the first place with a share of 33.3 % and Sakarya and Tekirdağ takes the last place with 2,8 % each. Because of unsuitable fishing areas, no inland capture fisheries cooperatives were detected in Istanbul, Kırklareli, Kocaeli and Yalova provinces. It was also observed that the previously established cooperative in Bilecik province has a tendency of shut down its operations in the recent time. Keywords : Marmara Region,inland capture fisheries,fisheries cooperatives,fisherman organizations