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Aquaculture Studies 2015, Vol 15, Num, 1     (Pages: 045-058)

Physicochemical and Microbiological Effect of Rainbow Trout Farm on Karamusa Stream in Burdur

Cafer BULUT 1 ,Ufuk AKÇÝMEN 1

1 Egirdir Su Ürünleri Arastırma Ýstasyonu Müdürlügü, Egirdir/Isparta DOI : 10.17693/yunusae.v15i21955.235743 Viewed : 3095 - Downloaded : 2355 In this study, it was aimed that the revealed physical, chemical and microbiological effects the rainbow trout farm on Karamusa stream within the boundaries with Burdur according to the European Union Water Framework Directive and Surface Water Quality Management Regulations.The Karamusa stream Source from Tefenni Karamusa village area and on the Burdur province, the largest business with (175 tons/year) Karamusa passed through Beyköy and reach leafy Dam and constitutes an important branch of Dalaman River. From the introduction (37o13'12.66''N-29o41'46.46''E, altitude: 1190 m.) and the output points of (37o13'08.15''N-29o41'42.31''E, Altitude: 1185 m.) aquaculture facilities that founded on Karamusa stream taken during 2009 on a monthly of temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and oxygen saturation and flow values has been analyzed in the study area;? the turbidity, organic matter, total hardness, COD, orthophosphate (O-PO -3), total phosphorus, nitrite (NO -1-N), nitrate (NO -1-N), ammonium (NH +1- N) and the anion to 4 2 3 4 ammonia, BOD , total coliform, total bacteria and Escherichia coli has been analyzed in the laboratory. From the result 5 of studies while flow values changing f?rom 135 to 911 L/s that is to be significant variables, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, oxygen saturation, pH, conductivity, total hardness values a?cceptable levels, which is turbidity, organic matter, COD, orthophosphate, total phosphorus, nitrite , nitrate, ammonium, your anion ammonia, BOD values d?epending on 5 the production has been found to increase from time to time. Whilst it is not detected in Escherichia coli as microbiological parameters, total coliform and the total of bacteria values i?ncreased at the point of time. As a result, when the water that introduced the facility from the far region evaluated with available criteria the water cause some problems time to time and the nitrogen and phosphorus loads from the facility had left to the stream are increased in the summer period but it is acceptable levels, however it should be concluded the facility should not leave to its waste to the stream in terms of health of stream and environment. Keywords : Karamusa Stream, rainbow trout farm, nitrogen, phosphate, microbiology